Pro Skier/Model Sierra Quitiquit on the Importance of Physical Therapy

With so many inspirational athletes vying for world records and to qualify for the next Winter Games, it’s easy to get inspired. However, we don’t hear enough about all the athletes who didn’t make it due to injury or about the weekend warriors who left their dreams of becoming an Olympian behind.

At RockTape, we’ve heard it all. We’ve heard from the people who’ve been injured, such as from car accidents to horseback riding and the gym, from pro athletes to soccer moms. Oftentimes, it can be quite overwhelming to hear these stories of debilitating pain and terrible diagnoses. “You’ll never run/bike/swim/lift again,” they’ve heard. Hell, we’ve all heard it. Everyone has a story. A life-changing cycling fall. A blown-out back. Sprains.

Meet Sierra Quitiquit. Here is her story.

Sierra on the importance of working with a physical therapist . . .

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