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Effects of a Short-Duration Stretching Drill on Elbow and Shoulder Range of Motion

Rafael F. Escamilla, PhD, PT, CSCS, FACS; Kyle Yamashiro, DPT, PT, CSCS; Tony Mikla, DPT, MSPT, CSCS, XPS; Jeff Collins, ATC; Keith Lieppman, BA; and James R. Andrews, MD Investigation performed at California State University, Sacramento Sacramento, CA Part 1 Background: A glenohumeral internal rotation (IR) deficit or a total rotational motion (IR plus external rotation [ER]) deficit in the …

Kyle Yamashiro

Kyle Yamashiro, PT, CSCS

President and Owner - Results Physical Therapy and Training Center

Hyperice VYPER™ helps users achieve rehab and fitness goals faster

Combining vibration with self myofascial release has been shown in a recent study to increase flexibility and improve mobility and functional movement. Read below: Foam rolling interventions The VYPER™ (Hyperice, Irvine, CA) foam roller was used for all interventions. The VYPER™ is a cylinder of high-density foam, measuring 30 cm long and 15 cm in diameter. An embedded vibrating motor facilitates local muscle …

Friederike Aprea

Friederike Aprea

Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Business Development at WebExercises, Inc.

A History of Dry Needling

As a follow-up to my original article on Dry Needling versus Acupuncture: The Ongoing Debate I wanted to share some additional info from the article by Dr. Kehua Zhou that touches on the history of Dry Needling (DN) and acupuncture. Once again, if you were to read any article that speaks to DN and acupuncture living together, please read this info below …

Sue Falsone PT

Sue Falsone

PT, MS, SCS, ATC, CSCS, COMT, first female head athletic trainer in any of the four major sports in the US

Standing Self-Myofascial Release for the Upper Extremity

The Doc N’ Roll is the world’s first standing foam roller – an exciting and effective new tool to help your patients utilize self myofascial release. Because the Doc N Roll is a stand-up foam roller, it allows you to use your body weight to leverage pressure on the muscles that are typically difficult to release. Plus it eliminates the …

Craig Dossman

Dr. Craig Dossman, Jr.

DC, Creator of Dossman Advantage Taping (DAT), Inventor of MobiLOOP and author

Basic Concepts of the Postural Restoration Institute

The human body is not symmetrical. The neurological, respiratory, circulatory, muscular and vision systems are not the same on the left side of the body as they are on the right, and vice versa. They have different responsibilities, function, position and demands on them. This system asymmetry is a good thing and an amazing design. The human body is balanced …

Ron Hruska

Ron Hruska


“Why isn’t anatomy taught this way in school?”

Each time our team teaches Immaculate Dissection, we’re asked that same question. With curricular committees setting standards, the focus at school is to satisfy requirements for professional licensure. The type of practitioner a clinician or trainer will become is largely determined in practice, not in school. Although we may feel curriculum-based education falls short, we can still learn as much …

On Target Publications

On Target is home to some of the leading minds in the fitness, strength & conditioning and medical worlds.

Billing & Coding for Extremity Conditions

Question: “I treat a lot of extremity conditions. On some patients I will do soft tissue mobilization on a rotator cuff strain, therapeutic stretching on an inflamed elbow and myofascial release on a contracted and painful iliotibial band all on the same visit. If I spend approx. 45 minutes with the patient, how do I compliantly code and bill for this? …

Dr. Kotlar

Dr. Marty Kotlar


Physical Therapist With Patient

Keep in touch – it’s easy and it will pay off!

Clients are looking for attention and guidance Did you know that it’s 4 – 10 times more expensive to get a new customer than keeping an existing one? And did you also know that most Americans make their purchase decisions after seeking recommendations? And even these statements are not specific to the health and wellness industry, so it might be worthwhile …

Friederike Aprea

Friederike Aprea

Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Business Development at WebExercises, Inc.

Patient Engagement

Why Patient Engagement will be your game changer – clinically and for business

We all know that the golden ‘triangle’ for optimal outcomes consists of treatment, supervised exercises AND self-care such as the execution of a prescribed home exercises program. Treatments for injuries or chronic conditions are major energy and time commitment for our patients. But if they don’t stick to their appointments or to their prescribed ‘homework,’ patient satisfaction and results will …

Friederike Aprea

Friederike Aprea

Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Business Development at WebExercises, Inc.