Men's Health Month

Men’s Health Month: Taking Ownership of Your Health

June is Men’s Health Month. Wearing blue to show your support is a great thing – personally, it is my favorite color, looks good on most people and is easy to coordinate. The best way to show your support, however, is to take proactive steps to literally support and help your patients take control of their health. Most of them have families, …

Matt Kraft

Matt Kraft

Nutritional Consultation Specialist for MeyerPT

Retailing Techniques

Tips for Selling Products in Your Practice

I recently had a conversation that went like this: “I’ve never really had good in-office retail sales of products I offer and recommend.” “Really?” I said, “How do you display products in your clinic that your patients can purchase from you?” The PT replied, “Ummm… display?” It seems pretty self-explanatory, but I think a lot of providers fall into this …

Get a Jump Start on Father's Day Retailing Opportunities

Get a Jump Start on Father’s Day Retailing Opportunities

I know it seems like we just celebrated Mother’s Day, but just like that, Father’s Day is right around the corner. Summer days, weeks and months fly by, so getting ahead for holiday preparations is crucial. And best of all – June is Men’s Health Month, so offering fun, health-related products to your patients and their family members will help …

Rachel Ford

Content Writer, Health & Wellness Enthusiast

Can Superfeet help your patients with low back pain and other conditions?

Can Superfeet Help Your Patients with Low Back Pain and Other Conditions?

Superfeet: The Original Support since 1977 Superfeet® founders, doctors Dennis Brown, D. SC (Hon) and Chris Smith, D.P.M., combined over 90 years of experience and biomechanical expertise to develop the distinct Superfeet shape. Pioneers of prescription graphite orthotics at their Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, Dennis and Chris found that the majority of people – upwards of 80% – would benefit from a biomechanically correct insole. …

Rachel Ford

Content Writer, Health & Wellness Enthusiast

Quell Device from MeyerPT

Quell® can lessen chronic pain in your patients

Whether from an injury or a medical condition, chronic pain can make life miserable for a person. As a physical therapist, you’re likely to treat many patients who suffer from chronic pain. The therapy you perform and the exercises you prescribe can mitigate pain in many of these patients. In addition, an exciting technology has recently become available. Many people …

Dr. Xuan Kong

Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist at Neurometrix

Female athlete holding ankle

Sombra: Profit-Boosting Natural Pain Relief in a Bottle

Though we all see patients who understand the value of physical therapy for addressing biomechanical imbalances and overall health, the majority still walk through our doors because they’re in pain. Whether they’ve battled a chronic condition or suffered a recent injury, quickly offering some pain relief is an important step to helping them commit to your treatment plan and to …

Rachel Ford

Content Writer, Health & Wellness Enthusiast