“Why isn’t anatomy taught this way in school?”

Each time our team teaches Immaculate Dissection, we’re asked that same question. With curricular committees setting standards, the focus at school is to satisfy requirements for professional licensure. The type of practitioner a clinician or trainer will become is largely determined in practice, not in school. Although we may feel curriculum-based education falls short, we can still learn as much …

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Sports Certified Specialist

Sports Certified Specialization

Specialist Certification: Sports In 1981, the APTA House of Delegates approved board certification in the area of sports. The first sports specialist certification examination was administered in 1987. As of June 2016, ABPTS has certified 1,914 sports specialists. Sports Certified Specialist: Why Certify? Certified specialists report that board certification has improved both their personal and professional lives! Increased research and …

Sports Physical Therapy Section SPTS Association

Sports Physical Therapy Section (SPTS)

The second largest component member of the APTA.

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#ThankYourMentor Day

January is National Mentoring Month and today is celebrated as #ThankYourMentor Day. We hear from physical therapists on a regular basis telling us they first learned about MeyerPT through a colleague or have been using a product for years and years because their mentor suggested it. In a blogpost we shared last month, we encouraged you to start the new year by …