Multiple Treatment Options for High-Speed Vibration Therapy

High-speed vibration therapy has been around for years, and the Rapid Release device was one of the original innovators of hand-held vibration therapy to improve function and reduce pain.

At 10,000 RPMs . . . the Rapid Release Pro2

is the go-to soft-tissue device for Health and Fitness professionals who treat some of the best athletes in the world.

Learn more about WHY you need to have this tool in your clinic . . .


With 5 built-in treatment heads, you have the dynamic range to safely and effectively treat the tiny TMJ muscles all the way to the hips and feet.

This Class 1 medical device is in a class all by itself . . . and will be your favorite and your patient’s favorite soft tissue therapy device.

Rapid Release Therapy™ Pro2

  • Designed and built to withstand professional use
  • FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device
  • 5 Built-in treatment surfaces, each creating a different effect
  • No attachments to change or lose, or batteries to charge
  • Uniquely suited for extremities —arms, wrists, hands, legs, ankles, and feet
  • Meticulously engineered and balanced mechanism for smooth operation
  • Balanced mechanism reduces vibration at handle
  • Treatments typically last just 2–5 min.
  • New 3-Year Limited Warranty

“Bottom line is I want to help people live a better, fuller life.  Without question Rapid Release is uniquely qualified to help deliver that. I love being surrounded by people who feel the same way. Rapid Release Technology is too important to mankind to not make progress everyday towards the goal of directly or indirectly helping people achieve a better fuller life.

I am brought to tears when I have the occasion to speak with a user of Rapid Release and they go on and on about how it has changed their life and the lives of their patients, family, friends, often the lives of people who were told there was little hope for less pain and a better life.

– Dr. Stan Stanbridge

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