Posterior Glenohumeral Joint Capsule Mobility Demonstration with Kevin Wilk

Wednesdays with Wilk: the Posterior Glenohumeral Joint Capsule

Dr. Kevin Wilk, PT, DPT, FAPTA demonstrates how to mobilize and assess the posterior glenohumeral joint capsule in a patient while in a reclined position. Wilk’s explanation gives you the proper look at how to treat the shoulder joint without risk of injury. Starting with determining the alignment of the humeral head with the glenoid fossa, Dr. Wilk shows each assessment step and stretching techniques as well. You can determine flexibility in a patient’s shoulder based on this examination technique and will get a better understanding of how a “golf ball and golf tee” relate when it comes to Dr. Wilk and the posterior glenohumeral joint capsule. Thank you to NE Seminars for sharing this “Wednesdays with Wilk” video with the PT Aligned community.

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