Deliver Cold, Compression, & Heat with Therm-X

Imagine having a cold therapy machine that maintains a specific temperature throughout treatment and has capabilities to deliver heat and contrast. That machine is the Therm-X.  

What is the Therm-X?

The Therm-X, a Zenith Technical Innovations brand, uses innovative thermal control technology that delivers localized therapy to your patients. With Therm-X, you can select from Heat, Cold, or Contrast—boasting a temperature range of 34° F to 110° F.

You can maintain a specific temperature for the entirety of your patient’s treatment with Therm-X. Unlike machines that run on ice that melts over time, the Therm-X utilizes a coolant of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol that is simple to add to the easy-fill tank. 

How It Works

So, how does the Therm-X work? The coolant fluid in the tank passes through the hose into the Therm-X garment—concentrating heat or cold where it is needed most. The Therm-X garments are available for the ankle, back, elbow, hip, knee, and shoulder. Each garment features compression settings to ensure your patient’s treatment area is in full contact throughout the duration of the treatment. Garments are one size fits most and made bilaterally, so you don’t have to buy specific ones for the left and right side of the body. 

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When to Use the Therm-X

The Therm-X can be used to support a variety of injuries and recovery plans for patients. By using rapid cold, heat, and compression, the Therm-X can help reduce edema, swelling, and discomfort. With Therm-X, you control the game when it comes to your patient’s treatment. The system is equipped with a variety of preset treatment options to choose from—or control the treatment on your own with the easy-to-use digital temperature modules. 

A Game Changer for Therapeutic Relief

This machine does the job of multiple modalities while remaining portable, versatile, and intuitive in design. It weighs only 14 lb., making it simple to carry with you from room to room at your practice. Plus—the Therm-X does not require refilling or cleaning. The coolant is designed to clean the machine and hose during use, which gives you more time to focus on your patients.   

Unique Features of the Therm-X

Additional features of the Therm-X include a high-speed USB charger on the unit; an intuitive touch screen that makes it easy to customize treatments and protect the machine with a password; quick-connect umbilical hose for extra insulation; and four fans that disperse heat or drive the temperature down depending on the treatment.  

Take your practice to the next level with the innovative technology of the Therm-X.

*The Therm-X and its accessories are intended to be used by, or on the order of, licensed health care professionals in rehabilitation facilities, outpatient clinics, athletic training settings, and home settings.

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