HYPERICE Advanced Recovery

Hot (and Cold) New Products from HYPERICE

Some like it hot, some like it cold. These brand new products from HYPERICE will make everyone happy. The VENOM is a wearable back massager that combines heat and vibration for the ultimate, portable massage. Hypersoothe is an all-natural lightweight cooling cream that relieves and relaxes sore, stiff muscles and joints.

Welcome patients to their appointments by wrapping them in the VENOM’S warm vibrations. Sometimes a massage is all it takes to help a patient escape the stresses of their day and prepare the lower back for treatment. Like all HYPERICE products, this device is designed for people on the move. A patient can easily wear it while transitioning from the waiting room to the treatment room, and elsewhere throughout your clinic.

The minimal effort it takes to enjoy the VENOM’S healing benefits, in addition to its intuitive interface, gives it broad appeal. When you factor in that 80% of the US population over 30 suffers from back pain, it’s clear the VENOM is an instant retail winner.

Though the VENOM was designed for the lower back, it can also be used on the upper back, thigh, and hamstring.

VENOM’S State-of-the-Art Features:

  • Detachable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts an hour and a half.
  • Three temperature settings range from 140 to 160 degrees.
  • Four strategically placed vibration pods massage at three different speeds.
  • Vibration options include wave, pulse, and constant.
  • Intuitive touch screen with lock to prevent accidental changes to settings.
  • Cutting edge nanotechnology heats in 90 seconds.
  • Heat and vibration settings can be used independently.
  • One size fits most waistband adjusts for sizes XS to XL. For XXL or larger an extension strap is available.

Heat + Vibration

HYPERICE Hypersoothe
Hypersoothe’s essential oils and natural plant extracts leave patients’ muscles feeling cooled and renewed. Apply it at the end of a therapy session and have the patient breathe deeply for aromatherapy benefits as well. The great smell of this lightweight cream could only come from natural ingredients.

What’s in it?

  • Peppermint oil to cool
  • Aloe and Nettle to soothe
  • Lavender and Chamomile to calm
  • Coconut Oil to moisturize and nourish
  • Sweet Almond Oil to soften skin
  • Tea Tree Oil to disinfect and purify

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