Exercise Progression for Posture Month

May Is Posture Month

Due to excessive usage of smartphones and tablets, forward head posture seems to have become a major health issue. Use Posture Month as an opportunity to educate your patients on the importance of good posture. You can also utilize our posture challenge to give them a kick-start for a life with more exercise and better posture.

Click here to download- http://files.webexercises.com/Posture_Challenge_04.29.19_SHARE.pdf

31 Posture Exercises for Your Website

Using the “Exercises of the Day” Feature is an easy way to add fresh content to your website. You can set up this complementary service with one quick step and the exercises will be updated automatically. Here is how to set this up: While logged in, navigate to the account details under Provider on the left. Scroll to the ‘Website Add-ons’ on the bottom of this page and just copy the “EOD” link for your website. For May, we have selected 31 exercises that can help to prevent forward head posture.


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