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Does your clinic use suspension and bodyweight training in your day-to-day rehab programs? Chances are, there’s a suspension trainer sitting in one of your clinic’s storage closets right now. Looking back on your decision to try suspension training, do you remember why you were unable to incorporate the system into your rehab facility?

Ring LungeAt first glance, traditional suspension training seems like an easy answer to post-op bodyweight rehab training. But, traditional systems do not account for patient weaknesses and do not offer the security needed to safely support injured patients through exercises. With reduced core strength and body awareness, patients need a system that increases functional strength and balance alongside confidence. A traditional suspension system cannot deliver pain-free unloading and enhanced body awareness like a clinical suspension training system can.

What does a clinical suspension system include above and beyond a traditional system? Designed specifically for physical therapy, this new system combines portability and convenience with the unloading capability of an aquatics program. Patients can unload painful joints and experience a wider range of motion. If you want to incorporate successful bodyweight training into your rehab center, a true clinical suspension training system will deliver improved functional strength and balance using just the system, an anchor and open space in your facility.

Primal 7 Supported Push UpIf you use alternative treatments to achieve similar results with patients, consider adding clinical suspension training to your facility’s rehab program. Because the clinical system includes built-in elastic bands (that are interchangeable to match individual support needs), a portion of the patient’s bodyweight is always supported through the movement. All your patient needs to do is lean into or sit on the band to experience pain-free movement patterns that transfer directly to activities of daily living. Not only can you help to build confidence and decrease pain, but you can also teach them how to activate the proper muscles and develop good movement habits in the process.

There’s a cognitive benefit included in clinical suspension training that’s not easily replicated by other systems as well. Lying down on a bench or stepping into a pool can put the patient in the mindset of dependence on the equipment, whereas the right clinical suspension training system gives them the feeling of independence and accomplishment. The elastic band is a non-disruptive form of support that engages the entire body and brain throughout each movement—this mind-body connection allows patients to take ownership of each successful rep and rapidly builds confidence as progression continues.

Handsfree SquatDue to the nature of pattern progressions, from maximum assistance to maximum independence, integration into clinical suspension training treatment can begin as early as the first session and continue through to discharge. This is not the case with a traditional trainer. No other suspension trainer offers the unloading capacity for progressing patients through improved alignment, balance and strength without disrupting natural movement patterns. The ability to work in functional patterns, while removing 10-80 percent of the patient’s bodyweight, gives you the freedom to do what you do best – help patients overcome their physical impairments and regain their independence.

Something like the Primal 7 clinical suspension trainer can be used for balance, strength, coordination and proprioception training. Your stroke patients will benefit from the use of the suspended band to give them the proprioceptive feedback required for equal weight bearing. It can also be used to support your spinal cord patient in initiating their gait pattern. Athletes can be supported in functional movement patterns early after orthopedic surgeries, allowing for weight-bearing activities as tolerated. Your total joint patients will benefit from the confidence gained as they increase their weight bearing onto their newly operated joint, allowing for a bigger range of motion. Primal 7 evolves with each and every patient, taking them from where they are to where they want to be. This includes post-rehab applications for wellness programs and elite performance enhancements.

Primal 7 Hip AbductorUsing a Primal 7 system in your clinic allows for an entirely new way to experience clinical suspension training that benefits both you and your patients. For you, this system opens up a wide range of clinical applications that present you with safe solutions for unweighting functional movements. No other treatment in your clinic combines convenience, adaptability and affordability quite like a clinical suspension training system—it won’t be stored in the back of your storage closet anytime soon.

From sports medicine professionals in the NBA and NFL to national outpatient physical therapy groups, clinical suspension training is rapidly changing the way functional rehabilitation is delivered.

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