What Is Medical Grade Compression

What is Medical Grade Compression and How Does It Help?

The definition of compression is “the action of being compressed or pressed together.” Anything touching us can compress us. But just because something is compressing us does not mean it has medical benefit.

To be considered medical-grade compression, very specific requirements must be present:

First, the garment or support must provide a gradient compression. This means the fabric exerts stronger compression furthest away from the body and the compression slowly loosens as it gets closer to the center of the body. Gradient compression is known to improve circulation and help the blood return to the heart more efficiently, which in turn can reduce swelling and help improve endurance. If the gradient compression is reversed, which happens frequently in non-medical grade products, then it is tightest closest to the body causing pain and swelling while impeding circulation.

The second feature of medical-grade compression is levels must fall into the “sweet spot” of medically-effective compression. Like Goldilocks – too loose and the compression is not effective, but too tight and the compression can cut off blood flow and cause pain.

As new studies are coming out every day showing that medial grade compression can increase endurance, increase oxygen delivery, reduce fatigue and improve recovery times – in addition to reducing swelling – compression has become a catch phrase and is seen on many products as a marketing tool. The question is: do these products provide true medical-grade compression?

Rest assured that all Bauerfeind Train products have been rigorously tested and are proven to provide truly effective, medical-grade compression.

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