Dr. Sevak Khodabakhshian


Dr. Sevak Khodabakhshian (Se-vak Ko-da-bach-she-an), aka Dr. K., is the founder of Omega Rehab & Sport and Active Care Products, LLC. He is a doctor of chiropractic and a corrective exercise specialist with over 18 years of clinical experience. Dr. K. is also an inventor and holds  2 fitness product patent for IntelliRoll®, the world’s first anatomically designed foam rollers.

Having experienced a traumatic head and neck injury at the age of 19, Dr. K. is passionate about helping his patients improve their quality of life by promoting self-care and an active lifestyle. He is a lecturer for SCW Mania Fitness and IDEA World Conventions.  He is also the developer of the Spine-First Functional Training™ personal training certification.

Dr. K. has been married to Tyaga Hebel, CES (NASM), also a fitness professional, since 2003. They have one daughter, Jasmine. Dr. K. loves to travel with his wife, and finds great joy in surfing, weight training, mountain biking, discovering history and exploring art.