Barefoot Walking

Improving Movement Accuracy with Barefoot Science

Podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal describes several concepts below including impact forces and movement accuracy. If you have patients who complain of chronic foot pain, we encourage you to share this article with them. Don’t forget about your peers who might also be interested in learning more about the topic as well.  For a dancer, athlete, surgeon or pilot – precision of movement …

Dr. Emily Splichal

Dr. Emily Splichal

Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist

Muscle Recovery Low Back Pain Marc Pro

Research Study in Progress: Low Back Pain and the Marc Pro® with Dr. Wayne Westcott

An inside look at Dr. Wayne Westcott’s latest study on low back fatigue and pain PT Aligned had the chance to talk with Dr. Wayne Westcott of the Exercise Science department, Quincy College in Quincy, MA about his in-process research study concerning low back pain and low back fatigue. Dr. Westcott explained how he set up his study and how the …