ProjectMove Integrated Movement Strategies

Upcoming Event: Integrated Movement Strategies Workshop

Integrated Movement Strategies | May 19-21, 2017 ProjectMOVE | Littleton, CO This seminar will include exploration and integration of movement theory, manual medicine, and psychology to improve the way we move. Cost: $499 Target audience: DC, DO, PT, ATC, Acupuncturist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Coaches, Body Work Therapists, Exercise Physiologists & Kinesiologists, Movement Specialist (Dance, Yoga, Pilates, instructors), Movers! Speakers Line Up: …

Dr. Tim Brown

Dr. Tim Brown

Co-Medical Director for the World Surf League (formerly the ASP)

March Recap

Highlights From Our Month

Before we welcome April this weekend, we wanted to recap the month of March! We know that physical therapists are busy, busy people, but it’s important to stay on top of industry trends! In fact, we attended a seminar hosted by Dr. Kevin Wilk earlier this month and got to meet a lot of new faces and educate those in …

Goodbye February, Hello March

February Highlights

February is almost over! We’re well into 2017 and we hope it’s starting to feel like spring wherever you are. We work ’round the clock to provide high-quality products and high-quality resources for your physical therapy practice and we appreciate your loyalty. We published more than ten articles during the past month and have chosen to highlight three of our favorites below for your reference. …

Web Exercises MeyerPT

Low Back Exercise Risk vs. Reward

Helping patients prevent low back pain through exercise programming The economic impact of low back pain (LBP) is greater than $100 billion per year and causes more disability globally than any other condition. (1,2) It is the most common cause of activity limitation in adults aged 45 and younger and only second to arthritis in people aged 45 to 65. (3) …

Dave Cruz Webexercises Patient At Home Exercises

Dr. Dave Cruz

Sports Medicine Doctor, CSCS, CES, PES, founder of WebExercises

Save 30% on Kevin Wilk Continuing Education Courses through MeyerPT

As you might know, Dr. Kevin Wilk hosts phenomenal educational courses and has led a distinguished career as a clinical physical therapist. He’s well-known for having performed rehabilitation on several standout athletes including: Michael Jordan, Eli Manning, John Cena, Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, Derek Jeter, Drew Brees, HHH, Scottie Pippen, Tom Watson, Roger Clemens, Mariano Rivera and John Smoltz. Earn special pricing when registering for his following sessions: …

Dr. Kevin Wilk

Dr. Kevin Wilk


Recapping Our January MeyerPT

Looking Back at January

Did you spend the first month of 2017 wisely? We sure did! Providing high-quality products and high-quality resources for physical therapists keeps us busy and we love it! In case you missed all the articles we published throughout January, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites below for quick reference. These three recently launched articles are filled with terrific tidbits and new …

Kevin Wilk Event

30% off Kevin Wilk Continuing Education Courses through MeyerPT

Dr. Kevin Wilk has performed rehabilitation on some great athletes through his career, including: Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, Derek Jeter, Drew Brees, HHH, John Cena, Scottie Pippen, Tom Watson, Roger Clemens, Mariano Rivera, John Smoltz, Eli Manning, to name just a few. Special Pricing available now for: Raleigh, NC (January 20, 21) Tampa, FL (February 3, 4) Costa …

Dr. Kevin Wilk

Dr. Kevin Wilk


back pain with associated leg pain

Exam reminders for back pain with associated leg pain

Back pain, and associated leg pain, can be difficult to treat but we like a challenge! Always being mindful of the body’s dermatomes in your assessments is important because at times it can be a dead giveaway to identify exactly where the pain is coming from. Below is a couple case studies successfully treated with dermatomes being a large part …

Joe Heiler

Joe Heiler

MS, PT, CSCS and Founder