How to Incorporate CBD Into Your Physical Therapy Practice

As a physical therapist, it’s important to keep up to date with industry trends to ensure you are offering patients a comprehensive approach to treatment. Over the past few years, topical cannabidiol (CBD) products have grown in popularity, especially in the physical therapy market1 as they have been linked to alternative relief for sore muscles and joints. With so many …

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Blood Flow Restriction in Physical Therapy

As a physical therapist, providing patients with beneficial rehab techniques has its constant challenges, especially for patients recovering from significant injuries or surgeries. For them, their road to recovery is a long process. A growing trend looking to speed up recovery is blood flow restriction (BRF). Its low impact loads combined with producing an ideal environment for muscle strength makes …

Rachel Ford

Content Writer, Health & Wellness Enthusiast

Fast & Easy CBD FAQs for Physical Therapists

CBD products have exploded on the market—from CBD creams & lotions, massage oils, and balms to CBD edibles, CBD tinctures, infused products, and more. But what is CBD, and how do CBD products comply with federal and state laws? For these questions and more, here is a collection of fast and easy FAQs for physical therapists to get you started. …

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Codes 101: The 8-Minute Rule & Time-Based CPT Codes

For many practitioners, billing codes are not why they became physical therapists. But the reality of providing therapy services means having to bill insurance. For federally funded plans like Medicaid and Medicare, physical therapy billing is directly tied with the 8-Minute Rule.  What Is the 8-Minute Rule? The 8-Minute Rule is the method of calculating the number of billable units …

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Online CEs – Bulletproof Back: From Pain to Performance

          Bulletproof Back: From Pain to Performance LESSON PLAN This webinar with Tony Mikla, DPT will provide you with evaluation strategies to determine the nature and stage of low back pain conditions. You will learn new, innovative ways to treat and train low back pain patients to progress them from the treatment table to functional movement. …

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Preventing Full Active Forearm Rotation for Elbow Pathologies

Pathology The Muenster orthosis helps to prevent full active forearm rotation. This way, injured tissues and structures can heal without overstretching or shortening of tissue length. This may be particularly important for certain elbow pathologies or after trauma/surgery of the Radius, Ulna, Distal Radial-Ulnar joint (DRUJ), Proximal radial-ulnar joint, and TFCC structures. The Muenster is typically used to immobilize the forearm in the …

Online CE’s- An Introduction to the Pelvic Floor

An Introduction to the Pelvic Floor LESSON PLAN In this lesson plan, Dr. C. Shanté Cofield, aka “The Movement Maestro,” introduces you to the functions of the pelvic floor. Despite its role as an integral part of the core, the pelvic floor has typically been overlooked and left for obstetricians and gynecologists. With physical therapists, strength coaches, and other movement …

Dr. C. Shanté Cofield


Online CE’s- Common Injuries in Triathletes: Diagnosis and Treatment

Common Injuries in Triathletes: Diagnosis and Treatment LESSON PLAN In this lesson plan, sports medicine doctor Naomi Albertson, MD outlines the causes of the most common injuries in triathletes and how to diagnose and treat them. The most commonly diagnosed injuries include cervical radiculopathy, shoulder impingement/bursitis/tendonitis, iliotibial band syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome, and plantar fasciitis. Dr. Naomi Albertson shares practical …

Top 5 Posts of 2019

2019 has been an exciting year at PT Aligned! From addressing components necessary for running a successful clinic to billing and coding strategies, we’ve covered it all! Here are our top five posts of 2019! 5 Billing & Coding Strategies to Improve Reimbursement Question:  Dr. Kotlar, “I am seeing more patients this year compared to last year, but I’m not …

ActivaPatch for Iontophoresis: How It Works

Want to learn how the ActivaPatch for Iontophoresis works? Check out this how-to article explaining the steps involved in using this device. PULL TAB Gently apply your thumb to the battery case and remove the pull tab. This activates the patch. You’ll notice the LED flash sequence, one flash every 4 seconds, will begin. HYDRATE THE PATCH ActivaPatch® IntelliDose™ 2.5 …

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