Insurance Reimbursement and the 35% Rule

Do you collect more than 35% of your income from one insurance company? When was the last time you calculated the amount of money you collect from the insurance companies you bill the most? Many physical therapists would close down if insurance didn’t exist. Making $40 per visit is not enough. Follow this simple action plan “just in case” Blue …

6 Steps to Educating and Closing the Cash Patient

Having a steady flow of consultations and potential new patients is the goal for every clinic, but how do you get those patients to convert to, and comply with, a treatment plan? Patient education and acceptance of a care plan are essential for increased and maintained clinic volume. The word “closing” may seem strange in discussing this process, but healthcare …

Lori Allen

Featured Presenter and Educator

What Makes a Good Leader: 5 Components of Emotional Intelligence

Whether you’re a clinic owner, team leader or you’re looking to move up within your organization, leadership is an indispensable skill – and emotional intelligence is a key component. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of the best leaders have the five emotional intelligence qualities discussed below. But why is emotional intelligence so important? Because research confirms that leaders with …

David S. Myers

David S. Myers