6 Steps to Educating and Closing the Cash Patient

Having a steady flow of consultations and potential new patients is the goal for every clinic, but how do you get those patients to convert to, and comply with, a treatment plan? Patient education and acceptance of a care plan are essential for increased and maintained clinic volume. The word “closing” may seem strange in discussing this process, but healthcare …

Lori Allen

Featured Presenter and Educator

Physical Therapist With Patient

Keep in touch – it’s easy and it will pay off!

Clients are looking for attention and guidance Did you know that it’s 4 – 10 times more expensive to get a new customer than keeping an existing one? And did you also know that most Americans make their purchase decisions after seeking recommendations? And even these statements are not specific to the health and wellness industry, so it might be worthwhile …

Friederike Aprea

Friederike Aprea

Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Business Development at WebExercises, Inc.