Matcha Tea: A Healthy Way to Increase Natural Energy and Focus

Known for its mellow, soothing flavor, matcha green tea is the ultimate superfood that can be infused into cooked dishes or taken as a tea. In addition to helping with natural energy and restoring the body’s well-being and balance, it also provides the following health benefits.

Matcha Tea Health Benefits

  • Assists in weight loss, boosting calorie and fat burning
  • 130 times the antioxidants of brewed green tea
  • 1,573 ORAC antioxidant score high level compared to Gojiberries: 253, Dark Chocolate: 227, Pomegranate: 105, Wild blueberries: 93, Acai berries: 60, and Broccoli: 31
  • High in chlorophyll
  • High in L-Theanine, which reduces physiological and psychological stress & relaxes and refreshes the body
  • Improves focus and clearer thinking
  • Great source of EGCG Polyphenols

Why Ujido Matcha has been the authentic choice of the Imperial Families for generations:

  • Over 180 years of producing green matcha through the environmental, traditional way
  • Grown in an authentic covered tea garden for highest nutrition
  • Pleasing rich, creamy taste with slight sweetness
  • High quality control and low bacteria count
  • Tea leaves are 100% genuinely hand-picked from first and second harvests
  • Stoneground

Matcha tea can also help if you or your patients are working on fasting. See the video below for more info . . .

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