Introduction to OxyRub PRO

Pain is one of the most frequent reasons that people seek out a healthcare professional,1 but finding an optimal and effective solution to painful conditions still remains a challenge.

Joseph V. Pergolizzi, Jr., a world-renowned pain specialist based in Florida, understands the limitations of current analgesic products. Even relatively mild analgesic products available over the counter carry with them serious – even potentially lethal – side effects, particularly when misused. Patients want pain relief, but not all are compliant with prescribing regimens. Patients suffering from pain need effective pain relievers, but these are associated with potentially treatment-limiting side effects as well as risks to the patient.

These concerns prompted Dr. Pergolizzi to develop a topical analgesic known as OxyRub™ – which incorporates his scientific knowledge of topical analgesics and his understanding of using a minimal effective dose. (The minimal effective dose is the lowest dose that provides effective relief while attempting to avoid serious and limiting side effects.)

Based on his medical knowledge, Dr. Pergolizzi then thought to combine menthol and other ingredients with oxygenated oil into a specific new product. This work was a continuation of a formulation for oxidized oil developed by Professor Pierre Baranger of the Pasteur Institute in France, who had researched ancient healing oils from India.

In late 2017, Dr. Pergolizzi launched his next product, OxyRub PRO, building on the successful foundation of the original topical product and leveraging the concept of multimechanistic pain relief.

OxyRub PRO was formulated to take the highly successfully OxyRub formula to the next level by adding menthol and methyl salicylate (the key ingredient in wintergreen oil) to create a professional formulation. Menthol is recognized as a safe, effective, natural pain reliever.2 In fact, menthol is a familiar ingredient in other topical products. OxyRub PRO goes one step beyond that by adding the essential ingredient of wintergreen oil, methyl salicylate. Methyl salicylate is a natural analgesic that has been studied in clinical trials.3 Both menthol and methyl salicylate are natural ingredients recognized as effective pain remedies; together they provide pain relief through different mechanisms, hence the term “multimechanistic” pain relief.

When Dr. Pergolizzi first brought the original OxyRub to market, it was the subject of several clinical studies, which deemed it to be a safe, effective topical analgesic.4,5 OxyRub PRO is essentially the original product fortified with more powerful, natural analgesics for better relief that can only be obtained by patients from their chiropractors as part of their multimodal individualized pain management plans. Multimodal means combination of nonpharmacological and pharmacological “modes” of treatment.

Topical pain relievers bring special advantages to certain pain patients. Unlike oral pain relievers (which are taken systemically), topical products treat the painful area locally and are not absorbed into the system. With OxyRub PRO, patients can use the product as often as they like, without risk of systemic overdose or adverse effects. Its analgesic effect is rapid and durable.

How to Use OxyRub PRO

A small amount of OxyRub PRO (about the size of quarter) can cover an adult knee. The patient applies OxyRub PRO to the affected area, massaging it into the skin gently. Patients can re-apply the product two or three times a day, or even more often as needed. In each case, pain relief should last for hours.

OxyRub PRO can be used before sports as well as for pain control. With OxyRub PRO, pain relief starts in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of OxyRub PRO

OxyRub PRO is safe, effective and as a topical product may be used safely with other systemic pain medications or with other drug regimens. It will not cause pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions. Patients can control when and how much of the product they use. It is simple to apply and seems to work particularly well when applied before bedtime. 

Chiropractors and OxyRub PRO—the Perfect Match

OxyRub PRO is going to be a nationally advertised product that patients will come to rely on. However, Dr. Pergolizzi wants OxyRub PRO to be distributed through the healthcare system, even though it is an over-the-counter product. That’s why he has partnered with the chiropractic community to help make sure OxyRub PRO is used appropriately by those patients who can benefit most from it.

OxyRub PRO will only be available to patients through chiropractors. It will not be sold in stores or on Amazon. (Note that its predecessor, OxyRub is sold on Amazon and through other outlets.)

Furthermore, Dr. Pergolizzi is working on articles and other information to be made available to chiropractors to help them to better advise patients on the pain-relieving benefits of OxyRub PRO. Partner with a pain expert and bring the pain-relieving benefits of OxyRub PRO to your patients.

About Dr. Pergolizzi

Dr. Pergolizzi began his medical career as a resident at the Georgetown School of Medicine in Washington, D.C., and then had a clinical research fellowship at the prestigious Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed articles, primarily on the topic of pain and pain control, and has served in an advisory capacity to various institutions and government agencies around the world. Dr. Pergolizzi specializes in clinical research and analgesic (pain) drug development, consulting with major research institutions around the globe. His scientific knowledge combines with his frontline understanding of the current limitations in pain medicine so that he can meaningfully contribute to innovative new analgesic products and approaches. He has devoted his professional life to reducing the suffering associated with under-treated and untreated painful conditions. His interest in pain relief comes from a sense of professional compassion since pain is often inappropriately treated—or not treated at all.


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