Clinically proven, easy to use Objective test to help measure Inflammation

What is EndFlame?

Comprehensive Omega-3 Index

EndFlame provides imperial measures of both the Omega-3 Index and the Omega-6 : Omega-3 ratio through an at-home, patient-administered finger-stick blood test.

Both of these BioMarkers are reliable measures of chronic inflammation, with proven clinical studies:

How does EndFlame Work?

Clinical Application

  1. Patient presenting with muscle and/or joint pain is prescribed the EndFlame at-home blood test, as well as the Greens First Pro and Omega-3 to start taking minimum effective doses to treat inflammation.
  2. Patient administers EndFlame test at home and mails test to the lab. Results are emailed within 10 days to the prescribing doctor.
  3. Based on results, the prescribing doctor implements a tailored nutritional care plan using an easy-to-follow protocol guide and nutrition dosage chart that complements in-clinic chiropractic care.
  4. Doctor retests patient every 90 days (or more frequently for most severely depleted patients), and prescribes a follow-up nutritional care plan (in conjunction with the treatment plan) as needed.

EndFlame Lab Results

Sample Lab Reports

After the patient tests at home, two lab reports indicating the patient’s specific results are emailed to the practitioner for analysis and consultation.

Implement the Inflammation Protocol

What is included with the Inflammation Protocol Kit?

  • 1 – EndFlame Index Test
  • 1 – Greens First PRO powdered supplement (original flavor)
  • 1 – Greens First PRO Omega-3

Reasons why you should implement the protocol:

  • Provides an empirically tested measurement tool that allows patients to understand their inflammation markers.
  • Provides a simple, validated way to continue to track these markers.
  • Provides a proven, easy to utilize Inflammation support protocol to address their ongoing levels.
  • Can improve patient outcomes.
  • Can improve long-term patient health by improving patient compliance with dietary recommendations.

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