A Better Seat Cushion Design for Patients with Back Pain

The GSeat product line was designed by the Gelco Group with a fresh perspective on car seat cushions for back pain. In 1999, there were only a few seat cushion options for the general consumer.

The original designs were developed in conjunction with BMW Group Designworks USA and a U.S. bike seat manufacturer.

They wanted to have a seat cushion that was extremely comfortable and also supported proper posture while seated.

The center-relieved groove is inspired by the “split rail” bike seat design and is meant to relieve all pressure on soft tissues and the tailbone.

The slight forward slope helps you sit with good posture and helps to keep your lower back in a natural and healthy alignment. This natural alignment helps to avoid back pain and fatigue. In addition, when you sit with better posture, there is better blood flow to your internal organs and that leads to better overall health.

Dynamic Density Technology

Exclusive in the GSeat product line, the cushion combines the benefits of a gel layer over memory foam to create a lightweight cushion that provides superior support.

GSeat restores lumbar curvature and relieves tension in the neck and shoulders. The GSeat Relieves pressure on the tailbone.

Without the GSeat, the spine may not be aligned, causing tension and pain in the lumbar, neck and shoulders and pressure on the tailbone.



The GSeats are made with a combination of memory foam and gel . . . the memory foam base gives structure and the soft, pliable gel, layered over the top, disperses pressure in all the places you need it most. They call this combination “Dynamic Density,”and it gives the GSeat its unique level of comfort.

By incorporating functional design with quality materials, Gelco Products creates comfort-enhancing products that reduce pressure and increase comfort.

The patented “hassle free” handle lets you take your comfort with you wherever you go.

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