Avoid patient drop-outs, maximize treatment results

Patients have better results when they stick to their care plans and complement their in-office care with a home exercise program. Unfortunately, many patients miss appointments, don’t follow their HEP or even drop out of care altogether.

These patients will likely be frustrated with their results. They may start to question the value of your care, and they will probably not refer friends and family to your practice. In fact, patient drop-out can be a serious threat to your business. This blog post will cover some ideas that can help improve compliance through care, patient outcomes and your bottom line.

#1 Education Improves Engagement

Help patients to understand the value of care and their own responsibility for optimal care results. Educate them on the benefits of regular in-office treatments and home exercise programs. Motivational handouts, videos that run in your waiting area, and a professional yet inspiring social media presence can help to support this.

#2 Patient Experience is Key…not only in your office

Provide the best possible patient experience in your practice and at all other “patient touchpoints.” This includes your website, your social media presence, your emails and your instructions for home exercise programs. Use “patient-friendly” language and make sure they have easy access for all the information needed to follow their care plan.

#3 Manage Expectations

Set clear expectations and provide patients with a detailed plan. Educate them on how long it will take to see improvements for their condition and what THEY can do to get better. Provide patients with detailed instructions on the frequency of practice visits, duration of care and a detailed schedule for their home care.

#4 Empower Your Patients

Make it easy. Providing patients with time-consuming, overwhelming plans will only create frustration. For example, limit their home exercise programs to a reasonable amount of exercises. Provide them with clear instructions that ideally include pictures (or, better yet, videos) so they feel confident instead of intimidated. Always remember, patients will have better results if they do at least two exercises per day rather than no exercise at all.

#5 Make Patients Part of Their Healing Journey

Acknowledge progress and review with them what they have done at home. This should not take long, and it will show them how much you care and help keep them motivated. Respect the time and effort they put into doing their homework and celebrate small wins.

About WebExercises:

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