ProjectMove Integrated Movement Strategies

Upcoming Event: Integrated Movement Strategies Workshop

Integrated Movement Strategies | May 19-21, 2017
ProjectMOVE | Littleton, CO

This seminar will include exploration and integration of movement theory, manual medicine, and psychology to improve the way we move.


Target audience:
DC, DO, PT, ATC, Acupuncturist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Coaches, Body Work Therapists, Exercise Physiologists & Kinesiologists, Movement Specialist (Dance, Yoga, Pilates, instructors), Movers!

Speakers Line Up:
Each speaker will be presenting a variety of ideas to improve the quality and efficiency of how we move and prepare to move. These movement related topics and interactive demonstrations will provide a perspective on enhancing movement preparation and utilization.

Dr. Tim Brown – Co-Medical Director WSL Surf Tour
SPRT Taping and Manual Release Techniques:

Dr. Tim Brown – Co-Medical Director WSL Surf Tour

Athletes Treating Athletes: Hands on SPRT taping and combining movement with soft tissue release. Dr. Brown combines his own experience as a high level athlete along with 30 years of working with elite athletes in a variety of competition settings. Because of the unique “field of play” challenges he experienced with professional beach volleyball and surfing, Dr. Brown created functional treatment systems with movement, taping and bracing techniques that focus on improving posture, core control/movement recovery and rehabilitation.

-Founding Medical Director of AVP
-Medical Director Northern Hemisphere, ASP/WCT
-1998 – American Chiropractor Association Council on Sports – Sports Chiropractor of the Year
-Created SPRT taping and treatment technique
-Inventor of sensorimotor apparel and supports with nine patents
-Founder of IntelliSkin

Dr. Eric Goodman – Foundation Training
Dr. Eric Goodman – Foundation Training

Experience the basic application of Foundation Training as it applies to daily living, performance, and rehabilitation.  Understand the benefits re-educating the axial skeleton, decompression breathing theory and practice, and rotational imbalances that impact structural integrity in this dynamic presentation.

Dr. Steven Capobianco – Medical Director RockTape Systems

Dr. Steven Capobianco – Medical Director RockTape Systems

Dr. Capobianco holds a B.A. and M.A. in Kinesiology and Exercise Science in addition to a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. Steve is a practicing sports chiropractor, currently holding a Diplomate in Rehab from the ACA, in addition he is a Performance Enhancement Specialists from the NASM. Steve recently launched a sports specific rehab and performance institute called ProjectMOVE in Denver Colorado that focuses on identifying motor control dysfunction in an attempt to enhance human performance from the professional athlete to weekend warrior. Steve is an avid athlete with a passion for sports. He has spent 25 years competing in ice hockey, lacrosse, triathlons, adventure racing, and natural bodybuilding. Steve is the Medical Director for Rocktape, pioneering evidence-informed education development that challenges the status quo in movement learning. He authored the Fascial Movement Taping manual and lectures worldwide on the movement based taping technique.

He will deliver cutting edge information in regards to taping as an external coaching cue. How to enhance our human movement via cutaneous (skin) stimulation.

Kinesiology Tape MeyerPT

Dr. Michael Rintala  – DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization)

Dr. Michael Rintala – DNS Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Developmental Kinesiology and its influence on intrinsic locomotor system stabilization. A Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and developmental kinesiology perspective of movement acquisition and utilization. Dr. Rintala has been part of the Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour Sports Medicine Team since 2005. He is also a treating doctor for the World Surf League (WSL) and wide variety of other organizations ranging from Dance to Action Sports.  Dr. Rintala is an international instructor on Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) for the Prague School of Rehabilitation. He is a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified practitioner and a certified DNS Exercise Trainer and DNS Practitioner.

Peter Crone – Pioneer of Human Awakening
Peter Crone – Pioneer of Human Awakening
Peter Crone is a thought leader in human potential and performance as well as the founder and Chief Inspirer of Be Alive, Inc. Peter devotes his life to sharing insights, strategies, and products for people to live an inspired life and thrive by awakening new levels of awareness that transcend old and limiting mental constructs. He helps redesign the subconscious mind that drives human behavior and ultimately all performance. Whilst most people go through life as prisoners of their own mind Peter helps expose and dissolve the mental shackles that hold people back so that their potential can be fully realized. Peter has worked with numerous VIPs in the entertainment industry, more than 100 professional athletes across multiple sports, as well as leaders of global organizations. His commitment is to sharing his pioneering mental constructs that inspire the realization of a new type of human being who shifts from an existence of surviving to one of truly thriving.

Alvaro Romano – Ginastica Natural
Alvaro Romano – Ginastica Natural

Founder and creator of the Ginastica Natural® method, Alvaro Romano possesses a Post-Graduate degree in Physical Education and Recreation, authored the book “Ginastica Natural®“ (Press Publishing House, 1987) Romano is present in the collection “an Anthology on Physical activities” (Midiograf Publishing, 1987). Alvaro Romano implements Ginastica Natural@ as a revolutionary physical fitness and health improvement method around the world with hundreds of seminars, workshops and instructor trainings. Ginastica natural has been introduced to 32 countries so far, in the Americas, Europe and Asia. He taught Ginastica natural courses at Extacio de Sa University in Brazil in both Physical education departments. Alvaro Romano has applied Ginastica Natural® methods to the FBI, DEA and SWAT agents and continues to be recruited as a Physical Conditioning coach for various MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Surfing, bodyboarding, Soccer, and Alpine skiing events.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best of the best in movement application.

This workshop will be a combination of lecture and hands on participation. Expect to be moved! Learn more here:

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