March Recap

Highlights From Our Month

Kevin Wilk Seminar

Best seat in the house! Here’s our view from the seminar.

Before we welcome April this weekend, we wanted to recap the month of March! We know that physical therapists are busy, busy people, but it’s important to stay on top of industry trends! In fact, we attended a seminar hosted by Dr. Kevin Wilk earlier this month and got to meet a lot of new faces and educate those in attendance about what we do. It was a fantastic time and we strongly encourage you to add one to your calendar.

Time is important to all of us and we know that you might not have had the opportunity to read each and every article we published in March. That’s exactly why we’ve chosen to recap a few of our favorite PT Aligned articles from the month.

Check them out below and forward to colleagues or others who will find the topics interesting!

Nutritional Treatment for Rotator Cuff Tears
Nutritional Treatment for Rotator Cuff Tears: Part I
Dr. Robert Silverman explains how to treat rotator cuff issues without drugs, injections or surgery.


The ViPerform Knee Module
The ViPerform Knee Module
Learn about dorsaVi’s ViPerform™ and its ability to assess knee control in pre-intervention and post-intervention patients.


Posture Basics
Improving Posture For Your Patients
Corporate Fitness Manager and Certified Personal Trainer Lori Harrison wrote a piece you can share with patients who suffer from poor posture.


Quell Device from MeyerPT

Quell® can lessen chronic pain in your patients
Chronic pain causing problems in a patient’s exercise routine? Learn how to lessen the pain for your patient, or even eliminate it, with the drug-free Quell device.


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