The Importance of Equipment Annual Safety Checks and Calibrations

Has this ever happened to you:

You’re working with a patient, and as you go to use a piece of equipment you notice that it doesn’t seem to work quite right. This is not only embarrassing for you as a professional running a business, but it can be a potentially dangerous scenario for both you and the patient.

Having annual maintenance and/or calibration services performed on your equipment is one way to avoid this situation.

In fact, most certifying agencies and state regulations require annual safety checks and calibrations for all equipment (consistent with the manufacturer’s recommendation) to ensure patient safety and consistent therapy. Most manufacturers also require calibration once a year to maintain their warranties.

Equipment typically requiring annual calibration includes:

  • electrical stimulation units
  • ultrasound units
  • treadmills
  • isokinetic machines
  • traction units
  • pinch gauges
  • hydrocollators
  • and others

The good news is that MeyerPT can help provide a solution for all of your EQ needs – including helping you with maintenance and calibration.

Our electrical safety checks and service calibrations include 1) electrical testing of units and measurement of proper electrical output, and 2) service calibrations of clinical modalities, ultrasound units and e-stim units.

Let the dedicated, knowledgeable members of the MeyerDC Specialized Equipment Division help you with calibration service and more.

With MeyerPT you get:

  • Personalized service from a well-educated team of experts
  • Assistance with product selection and suggestions for cost-saving alternatives
  • Written confirmation of all order details, including color, size, and special options
  • Delivery requirements, timelines, on-site contacts and security clearance

Consolidated White Glove Delivery

  • Coordination of full consolidated, scheduled delivery on predetermined date
  • Delivery expectation pre-call and delivery check list to ensure a successful process
  • Professional delivery service with room of choice placement of all units
  • Full installation of strength, cardio, treatment tables and all check listed items
  • Complete debris removal and clean up

Equipment Repairs

  • Onsite service and repair of strength units, cardio, tables, hydrocollators
  • Initial no cost phone consolation to determine crux of issue
  • Pre-shipment of needed parts for 1st visit, to limit number of tech visits required

 Preventative Maintenance:

  • Lubrication, Dust Removal, Cleaning and Adjustment of Equipment
  • Prolong life of equipment and decrease cost of ownership

To run a successful clinic, you not only need the right people, efficient processes, and great service, but also reliable equipment to help optimize the outcomes from your treatment protocols.

The MeyerPT Equipment team is here to help make sure your equipment is operating at peak efficiency.

To learn more about safety checks and calibrations,

contact a MeyerPT Equipment Specialist at 800.472.4221.

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