Four Hand Therapy Tools You Need at Your Practice

The hands are vital to everyday tasks, so helping your patients regain mobility and function after an injury or diagnosis is crucial. Each hand is a complex structure made up of 27 bones that require different treatment methods depending on the patient. When deciding which hand therapy tools to use in your practice, it is essential that you consider the benefits of offering tools that can support patients in the clinic and at home.

Help your patients with their discomfort by selecting from our top picks for hand therapy tools. 

Hand Therapy Putty

Therapy putty is multifunctional, making it a simple and cost-effective therapy tool to offer your patients. This putty is helpful for building strength and mobility back into the hands, fingers, and thumbs. Because therapy putty is flexible and soft, it can be used post-surgery. Hand therapy putty is available in a variety of resistance levels to support circulation and dexterity. Try BodyMed’s Hand Therapy Putty for a best-in-value, on-the-go option. 


Strapping or taping is used to stabilize an injury like a finger fracture or dislocation. Typically, strapping involves the overlapping of therapy tape to prevent re-injury between physical therapy sessions. This limits range of motion for the patient, which will help to support the injury after they leave your clinic. Plus, strapping is versatile so it can be used for a range of injuries. For more information on billing and coding for therapeutic taping, refer to this article. Try the DualStrap Loop made with a foam core and laminated Velcro® on both sides. 

Hand Exercisers

To strengthen muscles and joints in the fingers, wrist, or forearm, consider using a hand exerciser. These exercisers are designed to improve flexibility and grip strength in the hands. With ergonomic designs for comfort, hand exercisers can be incorporated into a variety of exercises including flexion, extension, and supination. Try the CanDo Digi-Flex Hand Exerciser, which fits comfortably in the palm of the hand.  

Thermoplastic Splinting

Thermoplastic material is ideal for creating custom orthoses for patients. It is imperative to your patients’ recovery that you select the best possible material so their orthosis fits comfortably and securely. Rigidity, memory, bonding, conformability, and elasticity are all factors to consider when stocking your practice with thermoplastic splinting materials. For questions about choosing the best material for a hand orthosis, refer to this article. Try Orfit’s Orfilight® Splinting Material that offers temporary bonding during application.

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