ActivaPatch for Iontophoresis: How It Works

Want to learn how the ActivaPatch for Iontophoresis works? Check out this how-to article explaining the steps involved in using this device.

    Gently apply your thumb to the battery case and remove the pull tab. This activates the patch. You’ll notice the LED flash sequence, one flash every 4 seconds, will begin.

    ActivaPatch® IntelliDose™ 2.5 has a state-of-the-art Hydrogel dispersive electrode; therefore, it does not require saline fill to activate. Simply fill the reservoir with up to 2.0 cc of the intended drug.

    Using the peel tab at the top of the patch, separate, and remove the release liner to expose the adhesive side of the patch.

    Using an alcohol wipe, thoroughly clean the skin and place the patch on the desired treatment site. Note: The ActivaPatch® readily contours to multiple anatomical treatment sites.

    Once activated, the ActivaPatch® IntelliDose™ 2.5 incorporates a SmartPower™ flashing LED, which provides accurate feedback for clinician and patient. A simple light sequence keeps the user informed of where they are in the treatment process.

First 40 mA minute dose: The ActivaPatch® LED will flash once every 30 seconds for the first 40mA minute dose. This means skin resistance is within acceptable impedance and normal current flow has begun. This first treatment will take approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

TRANSITION PERIOD: At the end of the first 1 hour 15 minute treatment, a transition period will occur. The LED will flash in a short/long/short sequence for a length of 3 minutes. This indicates that the first 40mA minute dose has been delivered and the patch can be removed if desired.
If delivering a second 40mA minute dose, simply leave the patch in place.

SECOND 40mA MINUTE DOSE: At the end of the 3 minute transition period, the LED will begin to flash twice every 30 seconds. This indicates that the second treatment has started. This will take an additional 1 hour 15 minutes. The full 80mA minute treatment will take approximately 2.5 hours.

SKIN RESISTANCE INDICATION: If ActivaPatch® IntelliDose™ 2.5 detects skin resistance to be too high, the LED will flash 3 times every 10 seconds, alerting the clinician or patient. Leave the patch in place and wait up to 15 minutes. The IntelliDose™ 2.5 technology will continue to measure skin resistance. If the LED begins to flash once every 30 seconds, then skin resistance has lowered to acceptable range and treatment has begin.

If this does not occur within 15 minutes, skin resistance is too high to be treated with ActivaPatch®. In these cases, it is recommended to use the ActivaDose® II Iontophoresis Delivery Unit and a quality wired Iontophoresis electrode such as the Trivarion® to treat the patient.

PATENTED SHUNT™ (shut-off) TECHNOLOGY: The ActivaPatch® LED will automatically turn off at the end of 80mA minute treatment (approximately 2.5 hours). The patch can then be removed from the skin.

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