4 Things To Do During a Slow Period At Your Physical Therapy Practice

As we have recently experienced, it can sometimes be difficult to determine how to best serve patients—especially during a slow period. Although there are a number of unforeseen circumstances that could impact your practice and ability to treat patients, it’s important to look at slower periods as an opportunity to grow and restructure. You can provide out-of-office care to your patients during a slow period while you simultaneously work to make improvements to your practice.

Let’s discuss 4 activities you can do during a slow period that will benefit your patients and practice.

1. Support your patients’ continued care at home with MeyerPT’s Home Delivery Program. 

We understand that your patients might not be able to make it in for their scheduled appointments, so we’ve made it easier for them to continue care at home. We offer home delivery services for a variety of home care essentials that your patients can use in the comfort of their homes. Plus, we have curated a selection of at-home care products that you can recommend to patients. 

You can place orders for patients on your online dashboard. The best way to do this is by talking with the patient on the phone as you place the order. Once you have placed the order, we will pick, pack, and ship on your behalf. It’s also important to note that MeyerPT’s branding and logo will not be featured on the box or any of the contents within the box. This efficient and convenient process makes it easier for you to reach patients while ensuring business continuity. 

2. Offer educational content and videos that patients can utilize on their own time.

A slow period is the perfect opportunity to educate your patients on the different ways they can support their health at home. Whether you send out weekly emails with stretching exercises or cold/hot therapy techniques, your patients will be ready to receive the information. This time is also a great way to stay connected with patients in between visits. Consider hosting a Facebook or Instagram Live where you answer questions about different topics submitted by your patients. The educational options are endless.

If you haven’t integrated video into your practice, now is the time. Providing a video element to your patients can help them continue their care at home without feeling lost about how to get started with exercises. These videos could focus on helpful topics like how to properly foam roll or different stretching exercises to do after a workout. Think about incorporating the videos into your social media posts or emails that you send out to patients. 

3. Take inventory of any product you retail and conduct a patient review. 

If your list of to-dos has been growing over the past couple of months, now is the perfect time to cross off those administrative tasks. Start by taking inventory of all the products that you retail to patients at your practice. By taking inventory, you can get a better grasp on the products that are selling versus the ones that are gathering dust on the shelf.

The best way to serve your patients is by finding ways to improve the care they currently receive. Conducting a patient review is something that you should consider doing once a year. It’s a great way to determine patient improvement, compliance, and how well their current treatment plan is working.  

4. Evaluate your retention strategies and brainstorm new ways to keep patients during a slow period.

Retention is crucial to the success of your practice, whether you are experiencing a slow period or not. Think about the ways you could improve how you serve your patients. Reach out to all patients during a slow period to see if there is anything you can do to assist with their continued care at home or in between visits. If you have a Facebook page for your practice, consider inviting all of your patients to like the page. This could create a digital community for your patients to share and connect.

How do you personalize your patients’ experiences at your practice? This is vital to retaining their business. After reaching out to patients during a slow period, offer a selection of products they could purchase to use at home or offer virtual care services via video chat. Create a connection with your members by putting a face to your practice during a slow period. Remember that your patients come to your facility for more than just great care.

Take advantage of the slow periods that your physical therapy practice may experience, as they are a great time to sharpen your care strategies, manage patient profiles, and connect with patients when they are out of reach. 

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