Physical Therapist With Patient

You Know Better Than a Retailer What Your Patient Needs

Physical therapist assisting a woman at medical gymMany PTs are reluctant to offer rehabilitation tools for sale in their clinics. That’s understandable. We want to be seen as care providers, not sales people.

But consider this: Who is better equipped to make sure your patient goes home with the exact right product they need: you (the professional who prescribed it) or a sales clerk at the local big box store?

When you offer items for sale at your clinic, you’re not “pushing” products on people – you’re providing your patients the things they need, whether that’s a properly fit non-neoprene knee brace or a latex exercise band with the correct resistance. (You know from experience how important these things are when in comes to compliance and optimizing recovery.)

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Retailing rehab products also provides value to your patients because it saves them the hassle of returning to the sporting goods or drug store if they buy the wrong product – a particularly inconvenient errand when a person is dealing with an injury.

So if you’re not offering retail items right now, reconsider your position in light of the benefits it can offer your patients.

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