Physical Therapist With Patient

Keep in touch – it’s easy and it will pay off!

Physical therapist Clients are looking for attention and guidance

Did you know that it’s 4 – 10 times more expensive to get a new customer than keeping an existing one?

And did you also know that most Americans make their purchase decisions after seeking recommendations?

And even these statements are not specific to the health and wellness industry, so it might be worthwhile taking them into account when building your facilities marketing strategy.

So how do you do this? First ask yourself:

  1. How many clients do you have in your database?
  2. How many of them do you contact on a regular basis?  And by regular, I mean not just during the holiday season… More importantly: how to you keep in touch?
  3. Do you provide them with something meaningful enough so your email doesn’t get lost in the flood of information they get every day?

By proving your clients with something they perceive as valuable, you can increase the chances that your email is not directly ending up in their junk mail. The more relevant you can make the content, the better. But how can you do that without spending hours and hours or hiring a marketing headcount?

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Here are 3 different and easy strategies, depending on the state of the current client relationship:

The client is currently an active member:

  • Provide him / her with information on their goals.
  • Provide him / her with exercise or other health related suggestions such as stretching, drinking more water, getting more sleep, etc.
  • Check in on how the exercise program is working and provide updates on a regular basis.

The client hasn’t been in in over 1 month but less than 3 months:

  • Provide him / her information on the importance of staying in shape.
  • Provide him / her with general ideas on how to avoid common injuries/conditions based on their age, interests, etc. such as back pain prevention exercises.

The client has been out of the gym longer than 3 months:

  • Provide him/her with information such as handouts on foam rolling, stretching or simple exercise challenges currently going on at the facility, to keep them aware of all the great things they’re out on missing.

Try to find resources that represent you and your brand and chose content that can create awareness for your service portfolio: e.g. send out exercise or wellness challenges so that you are perceived as the go-to provider for these areas.

If you share high quality, relevant content either via email or on social media, you can create value for your patients, as well as a stronger bond that makes them more loyal and willing to refer your services to friends and family.

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