Mother's Day Gift-Giving Opportunities

Getting Your Office Retail Ready For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day spending will reach an all-time high this year according to a recent article from the National Retail Federation – $23.6 billion to be exact!

Did you know that as a physical therapist, you receive professional wholesale pricing when you’re logged in on our website as a MeyerPT customer? Retail products can greatly impact revenue at your facility, so it’s the perfect time to stock up prior to Sunday, May 14.

Whether your patients are treating their mother, wife, sister, friend to a gift, or they’re using it as an excuse to purchase something for themselves, we have lots of gift ideas that’ll create a lasting impression!

Tempur Contour Side-to-Side PillowNighttime Necessities
No matter if a child is 2 or 22, they will continue to cause sleepless nights for their mom. Encourage patients to give her the gift of better sleep with quality pillows or a new mattress from Tempur-Pedic!


Fresh Blueberry and Strawberry SmoothieVitamix Blender
Vitamix recently debuted their new Ascent Series, which makes a fantastic addition to any kitchen. Smoothies, soups and sauces are just three examples of concoctions that can be created with this blender.


Vitamix Ascent Series

Body Sport BandsTake-Home Exercisers
Kettlebells, dumbbells, weighted bars, resistance bands and balance boards are must-haves for those who wish to work out at home. All women love activities that bring stress relief, relaxation and increased energy, so consider ordering yoga blocks, yoga straps and yoga mats for this occasion!


Topical AnalgesicsSombra Product Selection
If her sore muscles come from unavoidable stress, working too many hours or she is recovering from a minor injury, she’ll definitely appreciate a brand new bottle of her favorite topical analgesic! Stock up on your facility’s preferred brand today!


Hyperice VENOMHyperice Items
Hyperice‘s innovative spirit comes through in all their products, which accelerate recovery time, prevent injury and enhance the body’s ability to heal. Check out the Vyper, the VENOM and the HYPERSPHERE and consider investing in them for your retail space.


Another revenue-boosting tip: Assign someone at the front desk to remind patients of these gift ideas before they head home. They might have forgotten about the upcoming holiday and want nothing more than to cross the extra errand off their to-do list. They’ll certainly appreciate seeing your fully-stocked retail section!

Don’t get too busy stocking up your facility’s retail section that you forget about your mother or wife! She would love any of the items outlined above, too!

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