Therabath Visit to MeyerPT

A Visit From Our Friends at Therabath

Therabath Paraffin TreatmentElisabeth and Mike from WR Medical/Therabath took time to visit us at our home office last month. We were thrilled to welcome them and even more excited to see them demonstrate several new products that will be available to our customers soon.

Everyone in attendance was able to test their products, which was an especially enjoyable experience on a cold, winter day. We’ve explained in a previous article how how dry, broken skin can benefit from the cost-effective application. Elisabeth and Mike showed us how simple the machine is to get up and running, how to sanitize it and the science behind its healing properties.

Therabath's Visit To MeyerPT    Therabath Visits MeyerPT

Keep in mind warm paraffin is often prescribed in the post-inflammatory phase of injury and for chronic pain conditions such as arthritis.  Retailing paraffin units can be easier than you think as they are affordable and take up little space if someone wishes to continue use at home for treatments.


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