Quell Device from MeyerPT

Quell® can lessen chronic pain in your patients

Woman in painWhether from an injury or a medical condition, chronic pain can make life miserable for a person.

As a physical therapist, you’re likely to treat many patients who suffer from chronic pain. The therapy you perform and the exercises you prescribe can mitigate pain in many of these patients.

In addition, an exciting technology has recently become available. Many people find it relieves their chronic pain, restores their quality of life and – just as important – eliminates or reduces their need for pain meds.

Quell® is an FDA-approved wearable intensive nerve stimulation (WINS) technology that’s been proven effective at reducing and even eliminating pain in users. Worn on the upper calf, it’s designed to be slim and lightweight so it can be worn comfortably, day or night.

Quell Wearable Device

Quell works by electrically stimulating sensory nerves (the highest concentration of which is located in the calf, hence the unit’s positioning there). When activated, these sensory nerves carry neural impulses to the brain, triggering a natural response that blocks pain signals in the body. The result for many people is widespread relief for:

  • Joint pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Leg & foot pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Arthritis pain

In a 2015 clinical study conducted by NeuroMetrix, makers of the Quell unit, four out of five participants said the device lessened their chronic pain. Two-thirds reported a reduction in their pain medication use.

Valerie, a New Jersey physical therapist whose pain-relief testimony is featured on the Quell website, says the device let her get back to leading yoga classes after chronic pain from a knee injury and four subsequent surgeries had kept her sidelined for years.

“After two weeks of using Quell, my pain was completely gone,” she relates. “Now my workout schedule is practicing yoga five times a week. I also teach three times a week… I’m able to go into [the yoga] poses now because I’m not experiencing the pain.”

In addition to being effective, Quell is also easy to use. A Bluetooth® connection lets the user link it up to their smartphone and control it via the Quell app for iOS and Android.

Quell is sold online and over-the-counter, but it is also available to healthcare professionals through distributors for retailing to patients. Many of your patients may already be considering purchasing a Quell device to help them with their pain. Consider offering it in your clinic, and you’ll be providing them one more effective means of alleviating their pain.

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