Motion Guidance Movement Assessment System

Motion Guidance System Provides Immediate Visual Feedback

Motion Guidance Hip Usage

Want a cutting-edge injury prevention and return-to-play system for your clinic? With the Motion Guidance (MG) system in your arsenal of tools, you’ll have access to precise, real-time performance data that can help establish a patient’s progress.

The MG system allows you and your patients to view visual feedback of patients’ movements in real time. It’s a simple but effective technique: place a laser on any area of the patient’s body – the knee, the shoulder, the hip, etc. – and then watch to see where the laser points on the tracking grid. You can then determine whether the patient is moving properly.

MG Works for Nearly All Rehab Patients

The system lets you enhance motor learning and neuromuscular control in most rehab cases, including:

  • Post-whiplash or concussive cervical coordination
  • ACL rehabilitation
  • Dynamic hip control
  • Lumbar positional awareness and stability
  • Lateral hip drop (i.e., Trendelenburg)
  • Gait mechanics and terminal knee extension
  • Shoulder muscle coordination and motor skills
  • Neurologic conditions (Parkinson’s, etc.)
  • Youth sports injury prevention
  • Pediatric application

The MG promotes body awareness so patients have immediate feedback about their movements. Post-injury patients, for example, often have a positional awareness deficit – they don’t necessarily recognize where they are in space because of pain or other factors. The Motion Guidance system keeps them on track so they know exactly where they stand – literally.

Patients Keep Coming Back for More

“The laser guide really helps athletes to see their errant mechanics and to correct them – much more than with a mirror or video like I typically use,” says Carol Ferkovic, PT. “I actually have a patient who drives to see me from out of state…. We have been doing a lot of movement re-training so last week I used the MG system with him. He was so excited because he finally got the right movement pattern with his single leg squats – he actually asked if he could add on another appointment with me this week!”

The system is intuitive and fun – children, adolescents and even adults tend to view it as a game or contest, and it makes their rehab experience all the more positive and effective.

MeyerPT Carries 2 Versions of Motion Guidance

MeyerPT sells two versions of the MG: one for clinicians and the other for at-home patient use.

The Clinician Kit includes:

  • 1 large and 1 small strap for multi-limb use
  • 2 mountable lasers
  • 2 mounting pieces to hold the lasers
  • A tracking grid to be placed on the floor or hung on a mirror or window with the included suction hook hangers
  • A silicone “drop target”
  • 3 battery packs and batteries
  • A hard-shelwl case

The Patient Kit, a minimalist version of the Clinician Kit, comes in two options. The Core/Cervical pack includes a larger strap for use on trunk, core or head, and the Knee/Shoulder pack includes a smaller strap for shoulder, knee or arm use. These patient versions can be a great addition to your retail offerings for added revenue.

Clinician Kit Pays for Itself

Barton N. Bishop, DPT, SCS, TPI, CGFI-MP2, CSCS, says his patients benefit tremendously from the MG system, which he calls a “game changer.”

“When you put the strap on the patient, they instantly see the mistakes that they are making with their movement and then correct it themselves,” says Bishop. “My patients love the feedback and use that to get better. This is a great tool for anyone who is prescribing or recommending exercises for their patients and clients, including PTs, DCs, OTs, ATCs, trainers and strength coaches.”

Dr. Jay Greenstein, DC, CCSP, CKTP, FMS, agrees: “The Motion Guidance…ensures a successful model of financial sustainability when clinicians deliver on such an important value proposition. I would highly recommend Motion Guidance to any clinician looking to take their practice to the next level.”

Why not ask your rep about taking your practice to the next level? The Clinician Kit is a great place to start. But a little heads-up: once your patients try the MG system, they may want to buy their own home version from you – so ask us about retailing Patient Kits in your clinic today!

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