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Gary Vitti: Hyperice RAPTOR Is a Slam Dunk

If there’s anyone who knows about state-of-the-art muscle release and conditioning, it’s Gary Vitti, Head Athletic Trainer for the LA Lakers. Vitti, widely recognized as one of the best practitioners in his field, has monitored the health and well-being of elite athletes for 30 years. When he endorses a method or product, you know it’s good.

Benefits of the RAPTOR

Vitti recently talked about the Hyperice RAPTOR. He noted it’s not the first percussive therapy massager, but it’s the best – and here’s why:

  • The sheer amount of power it puts out is greater than other massagers. At 3600 percussions per minute, the massager can penetrate several layers of muscle for an extra deep massage.
  • When you want to go deep into tissue, the RAPTOR maintains its power. It doesn’t lose effectiveness or shut down when you push hard.
  • The RAPTOR is more efficient than your hands. While it’s not meant to replace the benefits of direct human touch, the RAPTOR greatly improves the effectiveness of treatment. Vitti prefers to start with his hands and then move on to the RAPTOR.
  • The percussive vibrations go directly into the muscle and don’t vibrate back to the PT. This delivers an efficient, deeper massage.
  • Two handles ensure that you don’t wear yourself out. You can also adjust speeds, so the settings are right for you and the person you’re working on.

‘The Absolute Number One, Most Sate-of-the-Art’

While the RAPTOR accelerates recovery for athletes, it also works for patients in post-operative recovery or physical rehab. In short, it’s “the absolute number one, most state-of-the-art cutting-edge percussion device in the world,” says Vitti. And when you’re charged with keeping athletes like Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal healthy, you demand only the best.

Click here to witness the Raptor in action. 

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