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Vicki Sims, PT

PT, CHT, Co-Director Gainsville Physical Therapy

Vicki Sims, PT, CHT is a 1976 graduate of Georgia State University. She has practiced in the Gainesville, Georgia community since graduating. She is Clinical Co-Director of Gainesville Physical Therapy. She served as Director of Physical Therapy at Lanier Park Regional Hospital for nine years. Her clinical specialties include evaluation and treatment of sacroiliac joint dysfunction and low back pain, hand therapy (Certified Hand Therapist) and orthopedic manual therapy.

Vicki is active in research and has co-authored four clinical papers on the sacroiliac joint. In addition to her practice, since 1994 she has been teaching continuing education courses including “The Evaluation and Treatment of Lumbar Spine and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction.” Vicki had the distinction of being invited to speak at the 1995 International Conference on Sacroiliac Joint and Low Back Pain in San Diego, California.

Vicki co-authored three articles for publication and was invited to present at the 5th World Congress on Lower Back and Pelvic Pain in Melbourne, Australia in 2004. She has also written “The Definitive Book on the Treatment of SI Joint Dysfunction.”

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