Keith Glasser


Keith Glasser, PT, MSPT, Certified MDT began his physical therapy career journey in 1991 after a number of other careers, including international logistical expert in Tel Aviv, food service manager and server, manufacturers representative and finally as a textile designer and manufacturer. Keith is the owner and CEO of Optimal Results Physical Therapy. He has been a licensed practicing physical therapist since 1993. Keith is dedicated to excellence and seeking out the latest developments that lead to more effective and efficient physical recovery.

Keith is recognized as a regional expert in treating spinal conditions. He specializes in the rapid recovery of spinal, lower extremity, and shoulder injuries with recidivism rates of at least 50% below national averages. He was chosen to present at the APTA’s PPS Conference in Las Vegas in 2016 and is currently one of the APTA’s Oregon key contacts for Senator Jeff Merkley. Keith has also lobbied on physical therapy legislative items three times in the past 6 years in Washington DC.

Since 2016, Keith has been one of the original pioneers and early adapters of the use of Blood Flow Restriction. Optimal Results Physical Therapy was the first physical therapy clinic in Oregon and Washington to utilize Blood Flow Restriction as a regular part of the rehabilitation process in which all clinic therapists used BFR on a daily basis. Having the opportunity to collaborate and use BFR for the past 3 years has been a rewarding experience and has led to an improved understanding of this unique technology.

Keith has been a competitive athlete since 1964 which has included playing collegiate basketball and baseball at Babson College, and a year playing for Maccabi Ramat Gan in the Israeli Professional Basketball League. He is well versed in the physical, physiological and emotional demands of life, work, and all levels of athletics and sport. He has worked with a number of professional and collegiate athletes in basketball, softball, soccer, football, track, fencing, baseball, dance, ultimate frisbee, tennis, volleyball and music.

His true passion is working with individuals from all walks of life from ages 10-100 who want to resolve acute and chronic conditions and improve function and fitness. The B Strong BFR is the most revolutionary technology he has had the opportunity to utilize in physical therapy and performance training. He is excited and honored to be the first Certified B Strong BFR instructor.

Keith lives south of Portland with his wife Celia, Frisbee (see Optimal Results’ Website), cats Scout and Spunky, and 8 chickens. They love spending time with their 2 daughters, son-in-law, 2 granddaughters, gardening, camping, traveling, hiking, cycling, rowing, and golfing.