Anthony Katz Hyperice

Anthony Katz

Founder, Hyperice Inc

As far back as I can remember, I have always had a passion for sports and science. From my own experience as an athlete, I studied the science of the body and learned that maintaining a healthy body is essential to an athlete’s performance. Several years ago, I set out to create a brand whose products would improve athletic performance by enhancing athletic recovery and preventing injury. In order to develop products of this caliber, I collaborated with some of the world’s best athletes and trainers so that the products would meet their standards. Together our goal was to create a series of products that would be a set of tools athletes could use to recover faster from training and competition, and prevent injury by keeping the body in proper balance. I would go on to name the brand after our first product- the Hyperice: the most advanced portable ice compression device on the market. Today our products are used by over one thousand of the top athletes in the world.

We strive to perfect all of our products and look forward to collaborating with more professional athletes to develop the world’s best prevention and recovery devices on the planet.


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