Dr. Marovino

Dr. Tiziano Marovino


Dr. Tiziano Marovino, DPT, MPH, DAIPM, is Senior VP Health Strategy and Innovation for Biogenesis Group and a member of the Practical Pain Management Editorial Board.

He is also a clinical research physical therapist and practitioner at Chronic Pain Solutions, an integrated rehabilitation center in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Dr. Marovino is also a medical science liaison for the medical device industry, where he conducts new product evaluations, consults, and writes technical reports for DME companies. He is an adjunct faculty at College of St Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota, where he teaches differential screening in the physical therapy program. He is senior VP of health strategy and innovation for Biogenesis Group, where he performs clinical research in health economics, measurement studies, and population health.