Dr. Ryan Chow


Ryan is a physical therapist and experienced fitness professional with coaching, teaching, and management experience. He is dedicated to a lifetime of personal and professional growth to serve the local and global community through movement assessment, movement prescription, patient education, and manual therapy based on the latest evidence. His training started with a Bachelor of Science in Movement Science at the University of Michigan, which led him to pursue his Doctor of Physical Therapy at Mercy College as well as many continuing education courses by industry leaders in both the performance and rehabilitation worlds.

He believes in movement as a skill to be developed throughout a lifetime and the gym to be a controlled environment to develop this skill. The ultimate goal of that skill is to have a strong, healthy, and long-lasting body able to participate in and navigate the demands of day-to-day life.

Ryan has many years of experience coaching clients and has also been the former manager at a boutique private training gym. He sees himself as a lifelong student, which made teaching a natural career step for him. He is a faculty member at the Focus Personal Training Institute because he believes in its mission statement to improve the industry standard of personal training. He enjoys mentoring young trainers and believes teaching gives him a larger platform to reach more of society beyond the one-on-one setting. He believes his fitness experience and past position as a graduate teaching assistant at Mercy College gives him unique insight in the fitness, health, and wellness education. He sees a gap in the science that is taught at the university level and practical application of that knowledge. He wants to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and real world application in new fitness and rehab professionals.

Ryan is also passionate about bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance as he believes movement is medicine. He wants to be able to take any body, young or old, injured or healthy, and help them reach their movement goals, whatever they may be. This has led him to pursue advanced training by industry leaders such as functional training expert Dr. Craig Liebenson, low back pain researcher and guru Stuart McGill, and Gray Institute founder Gary Gray among others. He uses an evidence-based approach, which has helped him develop a niche of working with those with injuries or complicating health factors to reach their fitness and performance goals.