Dr. Matt Gloyd


Matt Gloyd is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and founder of PT3, a concierge therapy and wellness practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. Matt was one of the pioneers to delivering the “rehab experience” to the home and/or traveling across the country to treat world-class leaders, executives, and professional athletes. He later founded Targeted Vibration Therapy (TVT), the educational platform which has energized the physical therapy arena. Matt’s mission is to optimize the human body, increase patient outcomes, and enhance lifestyle changes world-wide through more personalized care.

Matt’s unique background shapes who he is today. He grew up on a native American reservation with parents who were physicians for the Indian Health Service. Matt received a bachelor’s degree in Physiology while playing football at the University of Arizona. He decided against medical school to pursue a doctorate degree in physical therapy anticipating a shorter route to sports medicine. Unfortunately, Matt was diagnosed with Stage 4 testicular cancer during PT school. With various support he battled back with aggressive chemotherapy and multiple surgeries to complete his degree as a DPT in 2012. He is currently blessed with a wonderful wife and three young children. Ultimately, his past experiences as a patient and healthcare provider, are the catalyst to his deep passion and creative framework for providing optimal patient care.

Matt’s early mission as a therapist and entrepreneur was to re-invent the rehab experience and lately, his leadership role provides a unique framework to all physical therapists across the country. This holistic pledge became the foundation for his success as a healthcare provider and led him to team up with the Rapid Release Tech Team.