Brian Bachelder

Dr. Brian Bachelder

PhD in Biomechanics, Director of Sports Medicine, Sport Medicine provider, and Injury Prevention and Movement Performance Specialist

Brian Bachelder, PhD, has been practicing sports medicine for 29 years.

Dr. Bachelder specializes in the assessment and management of movement related injuries as well as enhancing athletic and work based performance. He has been providing insight, treatment, and training for foot, ankle, knee, and hip motions throughout his career. He currently serves as Director of Sports Medicine at ALINE Systems managing the education, products and services for all of their medical providers and professional athletes. In addition, Dr. Bachelder is the CEO of Athletic Development Group, a consulting firm dealing with motion based training programs for elite level professional, college, industrial ,and high school athletes across the country.

Dr. Bachelder has taught at the college level for 17 years. Awarded Teacher of the Year, He taught courses in injury prevention, pathology and biomechanics while serving as Program Director in Athletic Training and Director of Sports Medicine services at the University of New England. He frequently lectures on biomechanics in the athletic population to the medical community.

He has three college aged children attending SEC schools, which makes for interesting Saturdays in the Fall, and lives in Portsmouth, NH.