Dr. Anthony G. Beck


Dr. Beck is an author, speaker, and leader in the medical world with over 20 years experience in the areas of Functional Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Orthomolecular Medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Sports Medicine, and Exercise Physiology. He maintains four national medical board certifications, is the Medical Director for Task Force Dagger Foundation (which provides benevolent health care for U.S. military special forces operators and their families), is the founder and chief medical officer for Balance Protocol Institute, is the founder and CEO of Helion Nutraceuticals, and is also the CEO of Hydration Solutions Inc.

As a physician who has practiced Functional Medicine for over 20 years, Dr. Anthony G. Beck doesn’t merely manage diseases—he helps people resolve them. With extensive education in many clinical disciplines such as Functional Medicine, clinical nutrition, systems biology, epigenetics, and nutrigenomics, he takes a dynamic approach to assessing, educating, and working with his patients to achieve their highest levels of well-being.

Even more importantly, Dr. Beck looks to educate and empower patients to demand a higher level of care from their health care providers. Dr. Beck’s methods involve an array of aspects including a healthful lifestyle design, individualized nutrition, hormone balancing, resolving immune dysfunction and hidden infectious diseases, extensive laboratory and functional testing, detoxification, and preventative medicine.