Chris Nentarz


Originally from Rochester, New York, Chris is a Physical Therapist, Performance Specialist, Writer and Educator. He currently lives in Buffalo, New York and is the Sports Medicine Coordinatory at Impact Sports Performance.

Chris graduated from the University of Buffalo’s Physical Therapy program in 2000. He specializes in movement science and sports orthopedic rehabilitation. He holds over 14 years experience working with athletes of all levels, including athletes from the NFL, MLS, World Soccer, NBA, professional triathletes, US Lacrosse and MLB. Previous work experience includes Athletes’ Performance, Los Angeles, as well as a lead consultant for many professional athletic organizations.

Whether he’s helping one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks come back from an injury, showing an amateur athlete how to get to the next level, or speaking at an international conference, Chris Nentarz brings world-class experience to every job.