Editorial Policy


PT Aligned powered by MeyerPT is an informational resource platform published by MeyerPT, a distributor of physical therapy and related products and services. Content on PT Aligned not identified as an “AD” or “Advertisement” is considered by us as editorial content and different than our ads and the content on our e-commerce pages. So we brand our informational pages as PT Aligned to distinguish them as such and Powered by MeyerPT to remind you that we are also in the business of selling products and services.

1) Source and Objectivity: Because we want you to know when we are the author of articles and similar content so you can judge our objectivity, we identify our articles with a disclosure such as “By The PT Aligned Team.” In addition, we obtain articles and similar content from third parties, where we may or may not have paid a licensee fee to publish it but where the author did not pay us to publish it   These contributors are frequently practitioners and people in the industry. Such third party content is identified by a byline to the author that links to their bio. In their bio you can see certain affiliations they have disclosed to us and that can help you evaluate their objectivity. Their opinions are not necessarily shared by us and we are not responsible for their content. Finally, we may publish content from third parties that pay us to publish it. Since this is a paid media placement, evaluate it as promotional material. However, we think this paid editorial placement is different than a traditional ad so we do not label it as an Advertisement. Instead, we use the “Trusted Partner” label to make it clear to you that this is third party content we are allowing on our site and that we have a financial relationship with the author. Like other third party content on our site, we may not necessarily agree with it and we disclaim any responsibility for it.

2) Not Healthcare Advice: Content on PT Aligned is for general information only and should not be relied upon as medical, scientific or other advice or counsel and you should consult appropriate healthcare practitioners and experts regarding opinions expressed and treatments, products and services discussed. We disclaim any responsibility for the completeness, accuracy, veracity, or objectivity of any content published on PT Aligned other than our own advertisements for products and services we ourselves sell.