Sue Falsone Treating the Shoulder Podcast

Sue Falsone Talks About Treating the Shoulder in the Stop Chasing Pain Podcast

Sue Falsone Physical Therapy LA Dodgers

Listen to Stop Chasing Pain podcast episode 109 by clicking play below.

“The shoulder has always been a passion of mine. Not just the shoulder in and of itself, but how it connects to so many other parts, and I think when we talk about the shoulder, so many times people just think we’re talking about the glenohumeral joint. When in fact, we’re looking at lower cervical spine, upper thoracic spine, the rib cage–it’s all like a puzzle to me.” (Sue Falsone)

Dr. Perry Nickleston, a chiropractor and primal movement specialist, created Stop Chasing Pain, an educational company dedicated to teaching people how to move smarter, move better and feel great. Dr. Nickleston’s popular podcast series is a part of the educational platform, and it introduces PTs and movement specialists to different techniques and practitioners across the country.

In episode 109, Dr. Nickleston invites physical therapist and mobility specialist Sue Falsone on his show. The two discuss dry needling, her fascination and appreciation of the shoulder and how it impacts overall movement, as well as Falsone’s newest instructional DVD about treating the shoulder. Falsone’s background as the head athletic trainer for the LA Dodgers gave her direct access to treating shoulders for some of the best pitchers – and now as the owner and educator of Dr. Ma’s Systemic Dry Needling, her appreciation and focus on treating shoulder (as well as posture) issues is a main focus. Click to listen and learn more.

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