Genetic Factors in Rotator Cuff Pathology- Part 1

There has been a substantial amount of new research on how the field of genetics is influencing the practice of medicine across disciplines. Prior to becoming a physical therapist, I studied cell and molecular biology at Michigan State University, and I still have a strong interest and appreciation for how genetics impact all aspects of life. Over the past several …

Dr. Travis Orth


Effects of a Short-Duration Stretching Drill on Elbow and Shoulder Range of Motion

Rafael F. Escamilla, PhD, PT, CSCS, FACS; Kyle Yamashiro, DPT, PT, CSCS; Tony Mikla, DPT, MSPT, CSCS, XPS; Jeff Collins, ATC; Keith Lieppman, BA; and James R. Andrews, MD Investigation performed at California State University, Sacramento Sacramento, CA Part 1 Background: A glenohumeral internal rotation (IR) deficit or a total rotational motion (IR plus external rotation [ER]) deficit in the …

Kyle Yamashiro

Kyle Yamashiro, PT, CSCS

President and Owner - Results Physical Therapy and Training Center

Basic Concepts of the Postural Restoration Institute

The human body is not symmetrical. The neurological, respiratory, circulatory, muscular and vision systems are not the same on the left side of the body as they are on the right, and vice versa. They have different responsibilities, function, position and demands on them. This system asymmetry is a good thing and an amazing design. The human body is balanced …

Ron Hruska

Ron Hruska


“Why isn’t anatomy taught this way in school?”

Each time our team teaches Immaculate Dissection, we’re asked that same question. With curricular committees setting standards, the focus at school is to satisfy requirements for professional licensure. The type of practitioner a clinician or trainer will become is largely determined in practice, not in school. Although we may feel curriculum-based education falls short, we can still learn as much …

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Study Validating Positive Influence of Local Muscle Vibration during Foam Rolling on Range of Motion and Pain

Study Validating Positive Influence of Local Muscle Vibration during Foam Rolling on Range of Motion and Pain

Hyperice, a leader in recovery and movement enhancement technology, recently announced up to a 40 percent increase in range of motion when applying vibration during foam rolling. The findings result from a study utilizing the Hyperice VYPER, which the Hyperice team, including Scientific Advisory Board Chairman, Dr. Michael Clark, and researchers from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, including renowned researcher …

Anthony Katz Hyperice

Anthony Katz

Founder, Hyperice Inc

Role of Low-Level Laser Therapy in Rehab

Role of Low-Level Laser Therapy in Rehab

This review gives some background on the development and implementation of low level laser therapy into rehab settings and covers the mechanisms that are thought to operate at molecular and cellular levels in LLLT. Published: PM R. 2010;2(12 Suppl2): S292-S305. doi:10.1016/j.pmrj.2010.10.013. Author(s): Hashmi JT, Huang Y-Y, Osmani BZ, Sharma SK, Naeser MA, Hamblin MR This year marks the 50th anniversary …

Brian Pryor

Brian Pryor, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO, LiteCure, LLC

Training Athletes and Patients for Explosive Strength

Training Athletes and Patients for Explosive Strength

Since strength training was first studied as a method for preparing strength and power athletes for competition, it has been recognized that peak force takes some time to reach. And yet some athletic movements are completed in just 100 – 150ms. Therefore, the rate at which force is developed is likely at least as important for athletes as maximum strength. Training …

Chris Beardsley

Christopher Beardsley

Director of Strength and Conditioning Research

dorsaVi Movement Suite

Analyzing Complex Movement is No Longer a Pain in the Back

Developed by dorsaVi, ViMove™ is a wireless sensor technology that can be used to objectively and accurately measure movement and muscle activity, help assess treatment options and guide a safe recovery. ViMove provides visual, objective and easily interpreted data to improve patient assessments, choose and manage treatment options and document therapy progress. The ViMove Low Back module features a variety …

Andrew Ronchi

Andrew Ronchi

CEO of dorsaVi

Can Using Vibration Technology Help Give You a Boost?

Can Using Vibration Technology Help Give You a Boost?

WHOLE BODY VIBRATION HISTORY: While the origins of WBV fitness were first developed in ancient Greece, our current history stems from the Russian Space Program’s research and use to reverse bone and muscle loss in their cosmonauts, use by their Olympic athletes resulting in major Olympic victories – finally shared beyond the wall where NASA adopted the technology and still …

Mohsen Kazemi

Mohsen Kazemi

RN, DC, FRCCSS(C), DACRB, FCCPOR(C), MSc., PhD (candidate)