The Importance of Administrative Excellence

Reach Your Maximum Potential Through Administrative Excellence I was looking at job postings recently, and one literally asked: “Do you have 6 arms and 6 legs and can do ten things at once?” If you guessed that this job description was for a front desk assistant, then you’d be right. The front desk is the nerve center of the clinic …

Lori Allen

Featured Presenter and Educator

The 5 Second Rule – Achieve Breakthrough Performance In Your Career

Planning to attend the APTA Private Practice Section conference in Chicago? Join MeyerPT at Booth #801 to see several exciting innovations that can help you improve outcomes and add new revenue streams to your business. Just as important, be certain not to miss the Thursday morning keynote by award-winning CNN analyst Mel Robbins: The 5 Second Rule – Achieve Breakthrough …

Billing & Coding for Extremity Conditions

Question: “I treat a lot of extremity conditions. On some patients I will do soft tissue mobilization on a rotator cuff strain, therapeutic stretching on an inflamed elbow and myofascial release on a contracted and painful iliotibial band all on the same visit. If I spend approx. 45 minutes with the patient, how do I compliantly code and bill for this? …

Dr. Kotlar

Dr. Marty Kotlar


Physical Therapist With Patient

Keep in touch – it’s easy and it will pay off!

Clients are looking for attention and guidance Did you know that it’s 4 – 10 times more expensive to get a new customer than keeping an existing one? And did you also know that most Americans make their purchase decisions after seeking recommendations? And even these statements are not specific to the health and wellness industry, so it might be worthwhile …

Friederike Aprea

Friederike Aprea

Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Business Development at WebExercises, Inc.

Vitamix Ascent Series

Rev Up Your Revenue With Vitamix

You’re not just your patients’ physical therapist – you are the epicenter of their healthcare. They trust you, so offering advice related to overall wellness and nutritional guidance comes with the territory. Working To Improve Your Patients’ Diets As a society, we don’t blink twice when a grease-soaked bag filled with an 800 calorie lunch is handed to us at a fast food chain’s …

ALINE Insoles

New Product Alert: ALINE

We’re very proud to welcome ALINE to the list of brands available through MeyerPT. Since we are very particular about the brands and products we offer, trust us when we say ALINE’s insoles are top-quality. In fact, the products are beneficial to all — everyone ranging from elite athletes to those who exercise sporadically. Learn why ALINE’s products are a fantastic …

John Pecora

Dr. John Pecora

MeyerPT Vice President, Managing Editor, Communities and Education

How To Best Spend $250 on New Equipment

How To Best Spend $250 on New Equipment

This year is almost half way over, so if one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to invest in new equipment and products for your office, now’s the time! It’s obviously important to spend your resources wisely, which is why we’ve compiled a list of items that can help you refresh your facility for under $250. Retail Section Must-Haves: Pillows, …

John Pecora

Dr. John Pecora

MeyerPT Vice President, Managing Editor, Communities and Education

Recapping Our January MeyerPT

Looking Back at January

Did you spend the first month of 2017 wisely? We sure did! Providing high-quality products and high-quality resources for physical therapists keeps us busy and we love it! In case you missed all the articles we published throughout January, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites below for quick reference. These three recently launched articles are filled with terrific tidbits and new …

Dry Needling

Dry Needling Education Resource

As you might already know, dry needling is a technique used to treat myofascial pain in physical therapy patients. The “dry” needle does not contain medication or injection and is inserted through the skin into trigger points. It’s quite impactful and just like anything, you have to become highly educated prior to offering it as a service. There are several …

Female athlete holding ankle

Sombra: Profit-Boosting Natural Pain Relief in a Bottle

Though we all see patients who understand the value of physical therapy for addressing biomechanical imbalances and overall health, the majority still walk through our doors because they’re in pain. Whether they’ve battled a chronic condition or suffered a recent injury, quickly offering some pain relief is an important step to helping them commit to your treatment plan and to …

John Pecora

Dr. John Pecora

MeyerPT Vice President, Managing Editor, Communities and Education